Last updateDom, 24 Jun 2018 5pm

Reflections: (Milestones)

The last couple of weeks have included two milestones for me -- the first (and the least important) is my 40th anniversary of life and the second, my son's high school graduation. I knew that the month of May (especially the latter part of it) would be challenging for me and for the ones that love me. I anticipated being somewhat impossible and I asked for patience and compassion in advance to those who surrounded me. "You weren't that bad", said a friend of mine. "Yes, I was," was my response. Thanks again for the love and for not giving up on me.

My son's graduation this past weekend marked a milestone for Leo, but for me as well. All these years of raising him and guiding him through school lead to this. I will still be there always, of course, but I have to recognize that his responsibilities will be greater. More and more the man within him emerges every day, as the boy slowly disappears. When I see him smile, I still see the two-year-old sometimes who gave me big bear hugs and said that I was "the best mom."

Because I was cursed/blessed with a poet's heart, I feel everything immensely. When I heard his name called out and the diploma was given to him, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that my heart jumped. I think I screamed or in my mind I did. "This is the beginning", I thought. He has dreams and ambitions and is excited about the future. He has no prejudice or preconceptions of what's to happen. His mind is open and he has the desire to learn.

My best advice to Leo is to work hard for his dreams. I've told him many times to never let anyone get in the way of his dreams, not even me. He is aware of the stories of "dream crushers" who try to crush peoples' dreams. I"ve shared a few with him. "But your mom is stubborn, son, and doesn't give up easily, " I told him. The biggest satisfaction one can get is proving those crushers of dreams wrong.

As I come off this emotional "rollercoaster ride" I just experienced this past month, a new journey begins for both Leo and I. I close with the following words to my son.

To Leo: Work hard for your dreams and make it work for you, son. Be resourceful, be persistent, don't give up and when you find road blocks find another way. Some way or another you will get to where you want to be, but don't give up. I once read that "stubborn hearts" never give up. Luckily or unluckily (depending on the situation), you have your mother's "stubborn heart" who doesn't give up easily. Fight for your dreams. Fight the good fight without hurting others. Don't forget who you are. Don't lose sight of who you are and always remember that God and family come first and everything else with fall into place.


Priscilla Rice is an actor, poet, mother and aspiring samba dancer. She studied Broadcast Journalism at The University of Texas at Austin and has worked as a radio news/traffic reporter and assignment editor for various television stations. She currently works as an interpreter/translator. She is originally from Crystal City, TX and resides in Dallas with her son, Leo.