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Reflections (Attracting positivity)

Something that I read this past week really lit a little fire within me. The article that I read suggested that when other people around us are negative or sad, it's a reflection of ourselves, the energy that we give out. I'm not sure if that's true or not but I do believe that we can attract positivity with positivity.

These last few weeks, I haven't been as overtly happy as I usually am. The stress and expectations and such of cotidian life don't usually bring me down, but I'm human and sometimes they do. Wonder Woman I am not, although I wish that I was. 

 So, true or not, I decided to put that article to the test. If it's true that others are a reflection of the energy that we give off, then I'm only going to give everyone my best. Even if it's not true, I should give everyone my best anyway. Even if others aren't as receptive to my kindness, I will still give them my smile and treat them with respect and compassion. They may be going through what I was going through only recently.
This morning when I woke up, I made breakfast for my son and I smiled when he came out of his room and I told him that breakfast was ready. Although the gesture was ever so simple, waking up happy set the tone for the rest of my day. He smiled at me and gave me a hug. Hopefully my happiness gave him a boost of energy to start his day on a good note.
How can I expect others to give me their best when I'm not giving them my best?  So I'm turning things around. Even if I get absolutely nothing in return, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I'm living life as fully as I possibly can. No one can say that I didn't try. I am walking as if I have no other way  to go but foward with many positive possibilities.
When I'm happy, everything has a different flavor. Even problems don't seem so big, because I have clarity in my mind. My system may not be full-proof but it most certainly works for me. I like being known as the "happy girl". When I'm not happy, I get asked a lot of questions because it throws others off-guard.
So today, I choose to be the happy girl that I am and turn whatever was bringing me down before around. This is my life and I choose to be happy. Hopefully this postive energy will attract positivity not only to me but to others around me
Priscilla Rice is an actor, poet, mother and aspiring samba dancer. She studied Broadcast Journalism at The University of Texas at Austin and has worked as a radio news/traffic reporter and assignment editor for various television stations. She currently works as an interpreter/translator. She is originally from Crystal City, TX and resides in Dallas with her son, Leo.