Last updateDom, 24 Jun 2018 2pm

Reflections... (Transformation 2014)

These last few days have truly been ones of "reflection." I look back at this year and I make a mental timeline of all the wonderful goals achieved and even the setbacks.  Both have been significant.  The transformation, although subtle, that has occured due to life experiences is noted.  I most definitely cannot go back to how I was before.

Think back a year or even further -- two, three or even five years ago. Are you the same as you were then?  Perhaps to a certain degree, yes but life experiences change us. When  life's circumstances present themselves they give us the opportunity for change, whether we choose to accept the challenge or not.

Some of us are afraid to close circles or cycles in order to begin another one.  We fear change. We fear the unknown. Taking a leap of faith is exactly that -- "a leap of faith." Faith is not something we can see or touch. Whatever your beliefs are, some of us feel that faith comes from within, while others believe it comes from a higher power. However, if you are content with your current circumstances, change may not be necessary.

They say that craziness is doing the exact same thing and expecting the same results. That was a rough paraphrase. If you truly want to see change in your life, you must take the initial steps or you will never get there. Trust me, I know. By the time, you know it, a year has flown by and you've either advanced in your goal(s) or not.  

Life changes us. Experiences change us. The unexpected changes us.  We also have the ability to change ourselves if we desire to do so. We are constantly re-inventing ourselves and transformation is inevitable.

I'm no longer the naive 18-year-old girl who left her small hometown in south Texas to pursue her dreams. Twenty years have passed and achievements and disappointments have both filled those years. What's ironic is that many of the disappointments did open the door for better opportunities.  Not all of them, of course. Things like heartbreak or the death of a loved one are things that one has no control of.

So you decide, my friends.  Will you accept the challenges when they present themselves or will you stay the same? Will you challenge yourself and become the person you have all the potential of the world of becoming? 

Hello, 2014. We await you with open arms, faith and most definitely with the most positive expectations. May our setbacks be minor, our comebacks be major and please be kind to our hearts. 


Priscilla Rice is an actor, poet, mother and aspiring samba dancer. She has appeared in several plays at the Latino Cultural Center and helps coordinate a monthly spoken word event at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center. She studied Broadcast Journalism at The University of Texas at Austin and has worked as a radio news/traffic reporter and assignment editor for various television stations. She currently works as an interpreter/translator. She is originally from Crystal City, TX and resides in Dallas with her son, Leo.